If The Mayans Are Wrong, You’ll Be Able to Get Married at a Vegas Denny’s in 2013

According to some conspiracy theorists that are taking the Mayan prophecy so seriously the Mayans are actually all, like, “knock it off, bro” now, the world is in ending in 19 days. Assuming this prediction is, in fact, incorrect, lovers from all over the world will be able to tie the knot in the way they’d always imagined—in a wedding chapel at the new Neonopolis Denny’s in Las Vegas. Knowing this now, we’d imagine more Americans are hoping that perhaps the Mayans are right after all.

The Denny’s “Diner of the Future” opened at Neonopolis a couple of weeks ago, so patrons can enjoy their Hobbit Holes and Shire Sausage (as well as more classic diner items) in a bright, futuristic yellow edifice with contemporary-looking décor, a bar, a photo booth and as of around Valentine’s Day 2013, a chapel where impulsive lovers can tie the knot and attack each other with cake made from miniature Pancake Puppies.

This certainly isn’t the weirdest wedding chapel in a city full of totally weird wedding chapels. And this isn’t the weirdest food-service establishment in which one can get married. Voodoo Doughnut in Portland has a licensed minister on staff; Waffle House weddings have been a thing. But combining the weird dining establishment wedding and the weird Vegas wedding chapel creates this sort of canary yellow, Grand Slam-devouring mutant of weird wedding location stories. We kind of can’t wait to read about the first couple that gets hitched at this thing, but at the same time, perhaps not.

For more images and information from Vegas’ latest foray into fine American dining, Eater Las Vegas has been tracking the whole thing and has a gallery up with plenty of futuristic décor for those who may be looking for the perfect venue.

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