Gulf Coast Seafood, The Findings

After listening to Tom Colicchio’s public announcement in support of eating Gulf Cost seafood earlier this month, I cold-called 15 New York seafood restaurants, identified myself, and asked one question: “Are you still serving seafood from the Gulf?” On the topic of the USDA’s evaluation of Gulf Coast fish, Colicchio told CNN’s Eatocracy, “every bit of it is being inspected,” and yet, every single person who answered the phone at the 15 restaurants I called reacted in instant panic. No one gave me an answer. I’m going to keep calling, simply out of curiosity. I like to know what I’m eating.

Yesterday, The New York Times reported that “the University of Minnesota found that 44 percent of the people surveyed would not eat seafood from the gulf.” And today, The ProPublica Blog revealed that although seafood is being tested for oil, it isn’t being chemically tested for dispersant. It’s noted that human harm caused by the dispersant is thought to be low or non-existant, but also that the research on the oil-conglomerating liquid is slim. So the question remains, when is Tony Hayward going to eat seafood from the Gulf?


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