Drinking at the Theater: TinyRhino, a Boozy Performance

In an act of sheer genius, UglyRhino Theater Company presents, TinyRhino, the world’s first theatrical drinking game at the Brooklyn Lyceum. Each month, the company commissions six short plays, each with five dramatic events, which is your cue to drink. Last Monday they showcased some of the past favorites like The Nun Lesbian Sacred Card House, directed by Rachel Silverman and staring Ariela Rotenberg and Linzee Troubh. Every time someone tripped and fell, gave the finger, imitated a famous person, commented on the temperature of the room, or explained their dream, the audience would take a sip of their beverage.

The line up of booze included bottles Lagunitas IPA and Pilsner, cans of Budweiser, cheap red and white wine, and some mixed drinks, all for $4. But how could you possibly get drunk waiting for these five elements, you may ask. Actually, it’s easy. Since there are six plays, each with five dramatic drinking twists, that makes at least 30 times you have to drink, which is already a whole beer or two. Then, with some plays like Daniel Kitrosser’s Vic and Ned Across America, you would have to drink almost every second given that the two characters kept putting on, and taking off, their hats.

If that doesn’t sound fun enough, now UglyRhino is also featuring more plays and parties this month at the Brooklyn Lyceum including The Awakening, based on Kate Chopin’s classic novella, which runs through August 31. This stint will be followed by Anya Skidan and Love Inn and with free Indian food from Baluchis Park Slope, which will continue with free food Thursdays at least through the month. The next TinyRhino drinking plays will be Monday, September 10. It’s only $10 to go, and that includes a beer ticket. Though they don’t have food at that event, you can always stop off across the street at Fort Reno for barbecue and some killer cocktails before or after. 

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