Donuts for Dad: Bouchon Bakery’s Scotch-Infused Miracles

Scotch-infused donuts? I’ll bite. Father’s Day is still three months away, but the pastry pros at Bouchon Bakery are wasting no time in introducing a new line of donuts designed with dear old Dad in mind — assuming Dad likes a wee nip every now and again. The brainchild of Bouchon’s Sebastien Rouxel, the donuts have either a chocolate, caramel, or vanilla glaze and are filled with cream made from Highland Park 18-year-old Scotch. I have a box of these beauties on my desk right now, and they probably won’t last through the end of the day the hour this sentence.

Normally I like to keep my booze and sweets separate, but I’m happy to make an exception in this case. At $105 a bottle, the Highland Park 18 is an elite whisky, with notes of peat and honey and a nice long finish, and it adds a savory counterpoint to the sweetness of the dough and icing. I don’t think there’s any residual alcohol, so there’s no need to wait until happy hour to nosh on these donuts, but the Scotch flavors come through clearly enough to make you crave a dram later. Kudos to Monsieur Rouxel for combining two great tastes to create something spectacularly decadent.

But I have to wonder why he decided to use the Highland Park 18-year-old. Doesn’t the man who brought you into this world deserve donuts infused with $17,500-a-bottle Highland Park 50 Year Old?

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