Dita Von Teese Creams for Legendary Paris Tea Room

Just the other night I spent a sultry evening tasting Dita Von Tesse’s delectable cream, bowing my head down and lapping up her naughty, silky goodness, spread out wide before me. She was moist and delicious and drove me into rapture. She was rare and exciting and reassuringly expensive, and I wanted to share her with no one. Alas, this was not to be.

I am of course talking about her new line of pastries unveiled just this week for the legendary tea room and pastry house Angelina, long accused of being a tourist trap.

Sébastien Bauer, a third generation Alsatian pastry chef who worked for six years with the “Picasso of Pastry,” Pierre Hermé as head of creation, and hired by the Maison Angelina to reinvent their classic menu, recently devised two diabolically good creations for the sultry star. The “pastry cocktail,” and the macaroon, both inspired by the Cointreau Teese, a cocktail created for the showgirl by the eminent cognac house, look likely to rock the taste buds.

The Ange cocktail, as one is called, is served in a glass with a chocolate base topped with a melty violet flavored marscapone cream, caramelized orange slices, and a mini rum baba and ginger and orange flavored jelly cubes. The macaroon mirrors the same notes and ingredients, with a Cointreau and crystallized violet perfumed biscuit and milk chocolate and orange flavored ganache filling. Both may be eaten in the turn of the century Belle Epoque splendour, or ferreted away to be enjoyed in the strict privacy of your own abode.



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