Dining Out On Death At The High Line

It’s easy to forget that the experience of dining out generally involves the enthusiastic ingestion of things once living and now dead (yes, that means your vegetables, too)—and made comestible for the sustaining of human life. Yum!

But Chelsea / High Line’s evocatively monikered new Death Ave restaurant and brewery actually gets its name from the rather troubling number of pedestrians turned into pavement pancakes by a particularly menacing turn of the century train line along 10th Avenue. These days, the worst fate to befall a visitor might be the inability to properly pronounce “Loukanika”. (Erm, don’t ask us.)

Death Ave interior image 2

Most awesomely, Death Ave’s menu is described as Hellenic (that’s Greek to you and me) meaning you will perhaps have the privilege of dining as had the Gods of classical antiquity. (Just for fun, ask for a table next to Aphrodite or Demeter.) Start with a Deconstructed Horiatiki Salad, before moving on to Byzantian rubbed chicken, Steak Hellas or the Mini-Souvlakia sampler. Hidden downstairs is a subterranean brewery, where you are sure to rub shoulders with Dionysus and his decadent hangers on.

In Ouzo veritas…

Death Ave interior image

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