Diner Dash: Omelettes & Cherry Pie at Moonstruck Diner In the East Village

A couple days ago, after pulling an all-nighter during the snow storm, I braved the frigid streets in search of a warm diner, and after almost landing face-first in multiple piles of snow, I found myself in front of the East Village’s Moonstruck Diner. I’d been there one drunken night, many months ago, to satisfy my craving for cheese fries and a chocolate shakes, and while my memory of the joint was blurred, I knew it was a good spot to sit back and enjoy a filling meal with my old friend David Sedaris in tow. So how was it?

Vegetable Omelette: Maybe I’m accustomed to absurdly large portions when it comes to diners, but this omelette seemed small. However, the vegetables were plentiful, and it wasn’t as greasy as you’d expect. There was just enough fluffiness and filling to leave me satisfied without having to watch my pants unbutton themselves. The hash browns were crispy and seasoned and I devoured them instantly. Coffee: A near perfect cup of diner coffee. It had a strong enough kick, even after I swirled it around with mounds of Splenda. Pie: I always feel funny asking for pie at 10:30am, but eating something insanely sweet after something savory has always been a must for me. Their cherry pie came out piping hot, but it was a bit chewy. The cherries were thick and the filling too sweet in an artificial way that can make the stomach go a bit to pieces. But it was saved by the buttery and flakey crust that surrounded it, and I managed to lick my plate clean.

Overall, I would say the whole meal received about a six and half on the Dale Cooper scale of diner greatness. I wasn’t sent into a blissful food coma, but still left satiated and pleased, and really, what more could you ask for?


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