City Winery – SoHo Pinot


155 Varick St
New York NY 10013
(212) 608-0555

When your crew’s concert tastes have evolved beyond watered-down beer and potato chips, bring them over to City Winery, where the options are as sophisticated as the sounds. Entering the music hall you’ll feel an immediate sense of style and space, as candlelit tables provide clear views of the stage. Bottles and barrels add atmosphere and remind you that the globetrotting wine list here is legendary. Show off your knowledge of Loire Valley vintages to your friends, or opt for one of the winery’s own housemade bottles, if only so you can say you’ve tasted a pinot noir made in Soho. The kitchen complements the drinks and you and your friends will enjoy tackling shared plates crafted with Mediterranean inspirations. Conversation will flow as you dine on flatbreads made with yeast formed in-house during the winemaking process. When it’s show time, the lights will dim. You’ll be sated, comfortable, and primed for an intimate concert experience. The acoustics are excellent, making for great sound from the front of the house to the back. Legends from Matthew Sweet to Lisa Loeb have taken this stage, but maybe you’ll get extra-lucky and catch another unannounced Prince performance, where The Purple One kept the crowd on their feet until well past sunrise.

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