Citizens Kitchen and Bar Opens At Vegas’ Mandalay Bay

If ever a restaurant was clear in its statement of intention, it’s the new Citizens Kitchen and Bar at the Mandalay Bay Resort. Though The Light Group  has certainly glittered up Vegas with its share of flash, celeb-magnet nightspots (Haze, Lily, 1OAK, etc), CK&B has a populist bent; at 6,787 sq. ft., it can satisfy a large swath of the citizenry at once. Munge Leung’s interior design has infused the massive space with a cozy Americana feel with lots of antique touches, faux-vintage lamps, and a charming higgledy-piggledy collection of art and photos adorning the walls. 

Exec. chef Brian Massie’s menu takes in a wide sweep of the comfort food canon, with everything from mahi mahi fish tacos to fried chicken with jalapeno honey to house-made donuts. But its amusingly cheeky signature offering is the Muffalata Challenge, a colossal version of the classic Sicilian sandwich; it’s intended to feed six, but free to anyone who can finish it off solo. Go for it.

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