Cipriani Downtown Miami – Dolce Vita


465 Brickell Ave
Miami FL 33131
(786) 329 4090

Italians do romance better, so when it comes to date night in Miami, look no further than Cipriani Downtown. Step out in your finest gear and you’ll find this sizzling restaurant as romantic as a gondola ride through founder Giuseppe Cipriani’s Venice birthplace. Enter through the front doors and take in the stunning waterfront setting. If it’s daytime, sunlight floods a high-ceilinged room. At night, the enormous Murano glass chandeliers will have you basking in their sparkling glow as they make your date’s eyes twinkle even more beautifully. Sink into a cushy white leather banquette together and survey a room full of beautiful jet-setters chatting about the biggest hits at Art Basel. The vintage ocean liner motif may have your mind wandering to first class travel, but a single clink of the signature Lenox Bellina crystal champagne flutes will refocus your attention on the tuna tartar, tagliolini, and luscious Dover sole with curry in front of you. Ask for an extra fork when the rich vanilla merengue cake arrives, or better yet, ask for an extra slice of vanilla meringue cake. Special occasions like this deserve better than calorie-counting. When the meal comes to an end, say arrivederci and take a stroll along the promenade together as the moon reflects off the blue waters of Biscayne Bay.

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