Chicago: Top 5 Late-Night Food Joints

imageSometimes the only thing left to do is eat …

1. Pick Me Up Café (Wrigleyville) – On weekends, stop in 24 hours to sober up on healthy diner eats after a boozy bender. 2. Hollywood Grill (Bucktown/Wicker Park) – Where all the weirdoes you normally attempt to avoid congregate after hours. 3. The Wiener’s Circle (Lincoln Park) – This simple and famous hot dog menu is perfect for those simply not ready to go home.

4. Minnies (Lincoln Park) – Neighborhood lushes flock to the place after hours for mini burgers, Cuban sandwiches, Reubens, or grilled cheese. 5. Santullo’s (Bucktown/Wicker Park) – Late-night pizza joint with New York slices as big as your head. The best in the city.

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