‘Chicago In White’ Pop-Up Restaurant Returns August 25th

For those of us who will never attend some famous entertainment mogul’s "white parties," there is Díner en Blanc, the chic pop-up dinner party that has outgrown its Parisian origins more than two decades ago. Originally, diners decked in all white  Last summer, François Pasquier’s joyous dining experiment hit America for the first time in New York, and with a bit of confusion, Chicago. Due to the popularity of the first Díner en Blanc in New York and the trademarking issues that ensued, Chicago organizers had to change the name, but as Chicagoist dutifully reported, the pop-up restaurant in Daley Plaza, under the Picasso sculpture, was hailed as a success with 1,000 guests in their brightest of ivories and bones.

And this year, the party will make a return, now under the name Chicago In White. Tickets ($30 for two people, bring your own foods) go on sale July 16th for the August 25th event, which will be held in a location to be announced the night of at the Harmonization Point, which sounds like the name for an entrance to a music festival / possible chapter in a cult handbook. Anyway. The event will be a celebration of Chicago, with organizers looking to the 1893 World’s Fair and Daniel Burnham’s beautiful buildings. 

Although there is a Chicago-affiliate official Díner en Blanc site and Facebook page administrated by Aymeric Pasquier, this Chicago In White event is not directly affiliated with the international Díner en Blanc organization. According to the website run by Pasquier, American Díner en Blanc events will be held this year in New York, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlantic City, Cincinnati, New Orleans, Las Vegas and San Francisco, as well as major cities all over the world, including Singapore, Mexico City, Montreal, Barcelona, Brisbane and Kigali. 

Cue footage from last year’s event. 

Photo: Tammy Green

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