Celebrate Balsh-Stille Day in LA

imageMy buddy Billy Walsh was in a coma a month ago. May 22, 2008, on his way to work, Billy was t-boned on his Vespa, heading westbound on Olympic Avenue in Los Angeles. After two weeks in a coma, brain bleeds, a collapsed lung, fractured ribs, and leg lacerations, he’s finally up and walking around — he may be helmet-clad for now, but he’s going to make it. Check out his progress. Having just graduated from culinary school earlier this year, Billy was working as a cook at Craft LA and a waiter at Osteria Latini. As a newly minted chef, Billy is sans healthcare. With sizable medical bills and several more months of recovery to go — friends, family, chefs and bartenders from all over the city are coming together for a one-of-a-kind fundraiser on Monday July 14, 2008. That’s Bastille Day, renamed “Balsh-Stille Day” in Billy’s honor.

Grilling and sautéing for Billy’s recovery are three hotspot chefs: Eric Greenspan of the Foundry, Lisa Vega of Providence, and Ray England of Craft, the West Coast version of Colicchio’s Craft New York.

Furthermore, pouring one out for their homie BW, five bangin’ bartenders are bringing it LA style. We’ve got Eric Alperin of the Doheny, Christine D’ Abrosca of Malo, Chris Ojeda of Osteria Mozza, Marcos Tello of Comme Ça and the Edison, and Damian Windsor of Gordon Ramsey at the London, the West Coast version of the London New York. Handling the tunes: DJ Spider. Forty bucks a head will get you dinner, dessert, dancing, and one grown-up beverage. Cash-only bar inside. All proceeds go to Billy’s medical fund. Tickets can be purchased in advance through PayPal, or cash at the door. Email {encode=”balshstilleday@gmail.com” title=”balshstilleday@gmail.com”} for more information.

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