41 W 57th St New York NY10019
(212) 465-2400

For a night of polished romance, bring your sweetheart to Betony, an urbane oasis on 57th Street. Start off at the front bar, which is a cathedral of cocktails. Backlit liquor shelves reach up toward soaring carved ceilings. The ministering bartenders really know their craft, and they’ll hook you up with a lush and creamy pisco sour, or a crystal-clear milk punch. When you’re ready to dine, head to the bi-level back, where smoked-glass fixtures cast a warm light on a pretty crowd. Settle in close and game plan over a menu full of temptations like foie gras bonbons, with velvety insides playing off the crunch of cashews. When the meal arrives, take a moment to admire the presentations, as elegant as jewels. You’ll have plenty to talk about as you taste the way a foam transforms an asparagus pappardelle, or the spice a bisque adds to poached lobster. Short ribs arrive layered in flavor, thanks to the three days it took to cook them. This is modern luxury, and although the scene may be sophisticated, the staff is always unpretentious. A lot of hard work goes into making an experience feel this effortless.
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Photograph by Bex Walton
Edited by BlackBook

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