Best Coffee Shops to Work in the East Village


Photo courtesy of Think Coffee

The East Village, spanning Alphabet City to the outer confines of NYU”s campus and Union Square, has no shortage of java joints, whether you”re looking for an artisan brew, a neutral meeting place, or a WiFi connection outside of your apartment. We”ve culled through the neighborhood”s inventory of coffeehouses to present you with the best ones to work, study and read. Here are the best coffee shops to work in the East Village.

The RoostThis Alphabet City joint is a coffee shop with a speakeasy hidden in the back. It”s a cozy and quiet place to do work during the day, especially if you can snag a spot on one of the leather couches — if not, there are a few small tables and counters overlooking the sidewalk out front. WiFi is free and there”s usually an issue of The New York Times floating around on the weekend. (222 Avenue best online casino B at 13th St., 646-918-6700)


Photo courtesy of The Roost

Think CoffeeThis local chain has outposts all over the city with a few on the boundaries of the East Village. While the Bowery and 4th Avenue locations don”t have internet, they do have ample seating. The flagship on Mercer Street by NYU is more Greenwich than East Village but it has free WiFi, plenty of outlets, and more than enough tables to work at. (Think Mercer: 248 Mercer St. at W 4th, 212-228-6226; Think Bowery: 1 Bleecker at Bowery, 212-533-3366; Think Union Square: 123 4th Ave at 12th St., 212-614-6644)

WaysideIts proximity to NYU dorms makes this coffeeshop-wine bar a popular hang for students, but luckily its compact size and chill vibe mean it never gets too loud or crowded. It has high-top tables and a few counters, plus a food menu of quick breakfast items and Mediterranean-inspired sandwiches. Free WiFi is available until 5:30 PM, when the spot transitions to a candlelit wine and beer hangout. (139 E 12th at 3rd Ave., 646-201-8977)


Photo courtesy of Wayside

Ninth Street EspressoThere are two East Village locations of this simple coffee spot — one overlooking Tompkins Square Park on 10th Street and one further into Alphabet City on 9th between C and D. The 9th Street location has more tables than the TSP one (which is more of a grab-and-go spot) so it”s a better option if you”re looking to do work. It”s cash only and free WiFi for customers is only available during the week. (314 E 10th between A and B; 700 E 9th between C and D, 212-358-9225)

Madman EspressoSince this petite coffee shop on 14th Street has limited seating — only 10 or so high-top tables — it never gets too crowded, so it”s a good spot to do solo work. WiFi is free and available with no limit. (319 E 14th between 1st and 2nd)


Photo courtesy of Madman Espresso

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