Author Jami Attenberg and The Gefilteria’s Jeffrey Yoskowitz Make Pickles and It Is Delightful

"Seriously, whenever somebody’s like, ‘I don’t want my pickle,’ I’m like, ‘Are you insane?’" author Jami Attenberg tells us, which is probably the realest thing we’ve heard anyone say all day. 

Today is National Pickle Day, which is the sort of observance only revered by Snooki, people on Twitter, the good folks at Heeb Magazine and lovers of all sorts of deli products. And, indeed, pickles are a foodstuff worth celebrating, especially when paired with a big sandwich and a sweet, sweet can of Dr. Brown’s. If this hasn’t triggered your nostalgia and longing for the delicatessen yet, maybe Vol. 1 Brooklyn’s new video, featuring Jami Attenberg, author of the latest book you’ve been meaning to read, The Middlesteins, and Jeffrey Yoskowitz of "old world Jewish foods" purveyor The Gefilteria making pickles together, will. 

Yoskowitz and Attenberg are an optimal duo to be hosting a video titled "Two Jews Making Pickles": her novel explores the relationships Jews have with food and family with humor and love; he explores those same dynamics with brining liquid and jars. Together, they ponder the power of pickles while brining and storing them, while appropriate Klezmer music pipes in through the background. It’s also a pretty good crash course in how to pickle, for those interested. 

This isn’t the first time Attenberg has attempted to make a New York favorite on camera for an Internet audience. Two years ago, she stopped by The Awl’s Cooking the Books to talk about The Melting Season and try to make a Shake Shack Burger with Emily Gould. 

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