65 E 55th St New York NY 10022
(212) 307-7311

Midtown romance is not an oxymoron, not when you’re within the elegant confines of Aquavit. European oak floors and earth-toned furnishings keep the space warm, while chic Scandinavian design makes you feel fully modern. That modernity is more than mirrored in the kitchen, which turns out plates that have the beauty of wildflowers in a landscape. You’ll be amazed with the creativity, from hay-smoked gravlax to foie gras in beet disguise to Icelandic cod topped with fava beans and sweetbreads. As the dishes arrive, you and your date exchange a knowing look: there’s a reason this place has a Michelin star. Save room for dessert, where you may find goat cheese miraculously reworked, as in the Arctic Bird’s Nest, a jewel box of cheese parfait “eggs” covered by mottled chocolate shells, with a sea-buckthorn surprise in the “yolks.” All this creativity will spur conversation, which you can continue in the lounge. House-made aquavits–the traditional Scandinavian spirit that gives the restaurant its name–are waiting to be sampled, maybe in a craft cocktail like the Swedish Mule, with its deft blend of grapefruit bitters, ginger beer, and lemongrass aquavit. Then again, since you’re in Midtown, maybe a visit to the Theater District is in order. Aquavit partners up with nearby shows for dinner and ticket deals, should you choose to continue this date under the lights of Broadway. But then you’re classy like that.
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Photograph by InfoMofo
Edited by BlackBook

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