ANIMAL Instincts Bring SPAM to Sole East, Lipitor to Follow

West takes East (coast, that is) this week as the elegant Tudor-style walls of Montauk’s Sole East is overrun by breakout L.A. act ANIMAL. From August 12—18th, rock-star renegade chefs Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo, formerly of Food Network’s “Two Dudes Catering” fame shove the Sole East backyard’s dainty arugula salad and seasonal fish dishes aside in favor of their trademark meat, meat, and well, more meat. Seven days out East, seven meaty delights.

Kick off with BBQ pork belly sliders, into melty-petit basque (sheep’s milk cheese) chorizo garlic bread. As for your veggie fix? Crispy lime hominy was corn, once upon a time, before it was boiled, breaded, and deep-fried into Michael Pollan’s worst nightmare, but Hungry Man’s dream come true.


Man-up for the main entrée: Loco Moco, an upscale spin on a local Montauk surfer’s fried egg atop a slab of spam on a burger. Class things up with quail egg, and what’s missing? Foie gras, naturally. While not on the suggested SPAM Blue Ribbon winners, anyone who can justify charging $35 for square meat in a can (it was pretty darn good) is welcome to come visit the Eastern Seaboard again anytime.

Tempting as the bacon chocolate crunch bar sounds, it’s probably wiser to round out your meal with a ten mile jog, or a Lipitor prescription. Macho meaty goodness, but not for the faint of heart. Literally.

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