Monday Wake-Up: Inside the Dreamliner, SkyTeam Goes Chinese

● CNBC’s video that goes inside Boeing’s new Dreamliner aircraft makes a persuasive case for the plane as the game-changer the aviation company claims. The spacious entry with its soothing ambient lighting, large windows, and roomy overhead bins seems poised to address customers’ main environmental complaints — we’ll see if the industry agrees. [CNBC] ● The TSA is testing out a new pilot program that will partner with the Trusted Traveler programs already in place through U.S. Customs and Border Protection, as well as with passengers on two airlines (Delta out of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta and Detroit Metropolitan and American out of Miami and Dallas-Fort Worth) to allow some pre-screened passengers to board through an expedited lane. If all goes well, they hope to phase in multiple other airlines operating out of different locations. [TSA]

● The results of Business Travel News’ 2011 Corporate Travel 100 analysis looks at the largest consumers of corporate travel services by volume to anticipate trends and address their needs. Travel spending is up overall, and to address that, companies are looking to new technologies to manage costs after booking but before travel takes place, like pre-trip auditing, streamlined exception processes, and other automation to improve compliance. [BTN] ● The SkyTeam Alliance officially welcomed China Airlines as its 15th member on Friday, emphasizing the importance of expansion in Asia (the Taipei-based carrier will add three new destinations in the region, and provide additional service to 17 others) for the members of their frequent flyer program, particularly those with business interests in Taiwan. [IFW]

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