Leisure Travel Bouncing Back vs. Business

The research firm ITG follows trends in business and leisure travel, and while business has outperformed leisure travel for the past few years, analyst Matt Jacobs is predicting that that time may be over.

Leisure trips have seen a recent increase, particularly on the high end (both in cruises and in hotels), as the high end overall has decreased in price. Business travel appears to have flattened slightly, with a falling-off in hotel bookings early in the fall. However, business travel has been trending strongly upward since 2009, and hotel management group Accor’s 2011 study found that actual business travel in the first half of 2011 was consistent with planned travel. So the end of the year may still hold strong as long as the economy continues to improve, even if only slightly. Image from Rui Vale de Sousa/Shutterstock

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