Ian Schrager Strikes Again with Public Hotels

Anyone who’s ever danced at the Gramercy Park Hotel’s Rose Bar or partied by the pool at the Shore Club knows there’s a lot to love about Ian Schrager’s hotels. His current project, called Public, just launched its first hotel in Chicago yesterday, taking over the historic Ambassador East and installing Jean-Georges Vongerichten in the Pump Room restaurant.

The warm, inclusive atmosphere makes it a perfect choice for those who’ve been hesitant to tiptoe into the Schrager empire before. The Public concept features amenities like flatscreen TVs, oversize desks and laptops upon request, curated art collections, and elegant furnishings for a price well within your travel manager’s budget. The new chain has already closed on two properties in Manhattan and an old Crowne Plaza location in London (which will be the next Public hotel opening). They’re also looking at locations in Paris and Los Angeles, which Schrager calls important “gateway cities,” for the brand. The company is planning about $250 million in renovations and construction on 10-15 properties over the next five years.

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