Gerber Group Celebrates 20 Years @ Stone Rose NYC

Last night, co-founder of the Gerber Group Scott Gerber welcomed a few hundred friends and fans to the Stone Rose Lounge in New York’s Time Warner Center for a celebration of the company’s 20th anniversary.

Founded by brothers Scott and Rande when they were a real estate investor and a working model with a penchant for nightlife respectively, the company has grown to include more than 20 different nightlife concepts, from chilled-out lounge spaces to poolside bars. Their longstanding relationship with the W Hotel Group has made their bars a favorite of many business travelers.

When asked what he thought was the secret of their success, Gerber immediately singled out their emphasis on service. Regular spot-checks are made at all their venues by higher-ups in the company, who look for everything from the warmth and presentation of individual staff members to tiny, almost unnoticeable details: Cocktails are always presented with a napkin, and beer bottles are always presented with the label out, for instance. We observed over the course of the night that even in the frenzy of a bar packed three-deep, the Stone Rose staff did in fact stick to these rules.

It was far from a working evening, however—the corner stage that’s seen everything from a DJ booth to a jazz trio hosted Fitz and the Tantrums for a short, lively set, and a staffer protected his laptop from spilled drinks all night long in order to Twitter live from the crowd; we said hi and got a response within seconds. With that level of commitment to responsiveness and a willingness to prioritize new trends along with classic, consistent service, we’re confident they can look forward to another 20 successful years.

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