After Hours: Life Beyond the Office

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The big presentation is wrapped, the last meeting is finished, you’ve checked in with your boss, you’re finally wrapping up for the day, and happy hour is calling your name. But what if you have to do it all over again tomorrow? These are our best tips, gathered from experts, history books, and a few very committed drinkers (trust us, they know what they’re talking about) for making it through the night—and the next day.

At the Bar

1. Ordering wisely at the beginning of the night can save you a major headache at the end. While we can’t speak to the anecdotal horror of mixing beer and liquor, we do recommend for looking for a couple of things in your cocktails. First, organic liquors should be lower in hangover-causing toxins than conventional liquors, and plenty of them are commonly found in bars: look for Square One or Elemental vodkas, Papagayo rums, Juniper Green gin, or Casa Noble tequila, all of which are fully organic. Second, what you’re mixing with matters too, from adding antioxidant-rich fruits like blueberries and raspberries and natural hangover fighters like fennel and particularly ginger, to avoiding sugar-heavy sodas and juices that will slow you down.

2. If cocktails aren’t your thing, turn to beer writer Evan Benn’s list of healthiest beers for everything from craft recommendations (like Lambrucha, Belgian lambic beer brewed with kombucha tea) to his all-around favorite for the health-conscious, Sam Adams Light, for its favorable flavor-to-calories ratio.

3. Eat something! It may seem to go without saying, but it’s easy to get caught up in hopping from place to place and forget to feed yourself. If you eat early in the evening, you’ll make better dietary choices, get less drunk overall, and avoid the need for a 3am pizza run. A vitamin B6 taken before drinking, according to the experts at Johns Hopkins, may also have hangover-preventing effects.

Before Bed:

1. Drink water, drink water, drink water. We could have pretty much reduced this entire guide to those two words. You may not abide by the rule of alternating one alcoholic drink with one glass of water; you may not keep it to one alcoholic beverage an hour, but we KNOW you have it in you to pound down a bottle of water before you fall asleep.

2. If you’re anti-water (we know you’re out there), try any of several fortified or flavored waters that claim to ease the hangover tortures. Consider contenders like Mercy (focuses on adding back the amino acid glutamine, which they claim will help you stay asleep, plus sugars to help break down alcohol, and an array of vitamins and herbs); pressed juice from BluePrint Cleanse; or any of the various competing brands of coconut water.

The Next Morning:

1. A big greasy breakfast the next morning is sometimes just what the doctor ordered, though try to keep the portion size to the point where you don’t get queasy. And if the raw-egg dish your friends are recommending is something that would make you gag on a normal day, this is probably not the morning to challenge your stomach.

2. This is our one big "don’t" if you’re off to work the next day: That “hair of the dog” remedy? Even if you’re not concerned about the tiny shuffle towards an actual drinking problem you may have taken, it’s at least an extremely bad idea to show up at work with mimosa on your breath. Choke down another glass of water instead. Although if you’re in enough pain to consider adrink before showing up at the office, you’re probably desperate enough to try a more interesting remedy, like writer Wayne Curtis’ pet historical favorite, wrapping your head in cabbage leaves, so do that instead and send us a picture.

3. When it’s crunch time and you need to get up and go, you’ll want to look and feel your best. A long hot shower, some VISINE® eye drops to get the red out, and a change of clothes will go a long way towards presenting a professional face to the world—and if you can make it to your desk without arousing suspicion, we believe you’ve earned yourself an hour on Gchat while you come back to life and get ready to do it all over again.


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