Your Odds of Dying in a Plane Crash

The idea of dying in a plane crash is one that haunts many people. As a frequent flier myself, I’ve seen all manner of pre-flight rituals including last minute “I love yous” whispered on cell phones, downing Ambien, white knuckled grips on the armrests, and my favorite — the chugging of multiple cocktails in flight. It is terrifying to think about falling from the sky to your fate somewhere down below. However, the actual chances of you dying in a plane crash are only slightly higher that you dying from a bee sting, and just so you know, you’re much more likely to die from being struck by lightening or worse, falling down. After the jump, a handy dandy chart that breaks down your chances of being in a fatal flight according to destination, type of plane, month you’re flying, and seat choice. Check it out after the jump, and plan your next flight accordingly.


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