Yo Yo (Oba)Ma: Inauguration Lineup Set

imageIt’s the biggest! Cool kids! Party! Since! Coachella! Yes, friends: The talent at President-Elect “Do you smell what Barack is cooking?!” Obama’s inauguration lineup has been set. What kind of incredible talent does Time magazine’s Person of the Year have in store for us? Hollywood go-to cellist Yo Yo Ma will perform a piece by Hollywood go-to composer John Williams. Poet Elizabeth Alexander will read some poetry. Out of context poetry sample, go!

September zucchini, other things too big. For her glory that goes along with it,

Awesome! But if that kind of highbrow nonsense isn’t your jam, you know what will be? The Godmother of Soul Herself, Aretha Franklin. Hell. Yes. Out of repping for Obama via Chi-town, we hope the scene will be something like this:

Full talent list via Briefing Room. Sadly, no Bob Dylan, Jay-Z, or Luda — some Obama favorites, as revealed here — but we’re pretty sure this thing’s gonna be a hot ticket, Hove or no-Hove.

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