With This Ring I Give to Charity

Starting January 1, an engagement ring, estimated around $22,000, is going to the highest bidder. The auction will run for five weeks — just in time for the winning bidder to mount a dramatic Valentine’s Day proposal. The ring itself is a beauty, weighing at just over three carats with a 2.75-carat single diamond and two baguette diamonds set in platinum with an emerald cut. The current owner, Chris Ammon, came into possession of this ring after her grandmother passed away; she’s decided that the ring could do way more good off her hand than on it, or in a safe deposit box, so she’s creating a auction and donating all the proceeds to various charities she believes in.

Some charities on the list include Quilts for Kids Nepal, which provides school tuition for kids in Nepal, donating money to spay and neuter stray dogs in Mexico, and helping to sponsor ethical travel through the Ethical Traveler. Check out the story for yourself here, or follow along with the blog here.

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