Will The Thurston Moore-Kim Gordon Split Be the End of Sonic Youth?

Iconic ’80’s punk rockers Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon have announced that they’re dunzo after 27 years of marriage. And while this is a blow to those who believe in ever-enduring love, it has music fans abuzz that this may mean a split for Sonic Youth. Relax! Plenty of bands have stayed together after members breakup.

Sunny and Cher stuck it out after their divorce; Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham continued playing together after their split, as did the band’s John and Christine McVie post divorce. Jack and Meg White kept things together before Jack went on to start a zillion others projects; Gwen Stefani jammed with her ex boyfriend Tony Kanal in No Doubt before moving on to do her own thing with the Harajuku girls; and Debbie Harry is back to playing with her ex Chris Stein. The list goes on and on of rockers who have made it work.

A statement released by Matador records says the band will still play their South American tour dates in November, but plans beyond that are uncertain. It’s not the end of Sonic Youth…just yet.

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