Wild Dogs Are Taking Over Australia

You may be surprised to hear that they have cities in Australia. What’s less shocking is that they shall soon be run by feral dogs, who will allow only a few humans to survive as living can openers.

The resurgence of urban wildlife the world over has been connected to climate change and—surprise!—the availability of edible trash in densely populated areas. Packs of canines have begun to claim territory in Queensland not directly connected to livestock farming, a practice they’ve long disrupted. And some domesticated pets have paid the price of defending their home turf. But that’s hardly the worst of it:

Another concern is the diseases these animal carry. Dingo feces has been linked to a deadly cystic parasite that’s become more common in suburban areas in recent years. "Dingo poo," one researcher observes, "is not good stuff."

Given that stray dogs in Moscow have learned to ride the subway, is it not inevitable that dingoes will weaponize their shit and lay siege to the entire continent? May as well quarantine the place right now.

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