Where Celebs Go Out: Janet Jackson, Phil Collins, Graham Nash

At the At Why Did I Get Married Too? premiere: 1. Janet Jackson: “[In Atlanta,] I go to Cafe Sunflower. It’s a vegan restaurant. Everything is good there. It really is. And there’s another vegan restaurant called Veggieland — very good.” 2.Tyler Perry: “And the restaurants in the movie were, actually, on the lot, so they weren’t real. Okay. You want a restaurant?! Okay. Rathbun’s in Atlanta was right across the street from our old studio, and they had the great lobster tacos – the best I ever had.” 3.Cecily Tyson: “Pure Food and Wine here. I’m a vegan — a vegetarian. And we had one in California that no longer exists. But, Mr. Chow has always been [a favorite], in Los Angeles.” 4.Lamman Rucker: “For New York, it’s the Sugar Bar — Ashford and Simpson’s Sugar Bar is the spot. In Atlanta, it’s Cafe Circa that’s in the Auburn-Edgewood area, yeah, real cool little spot. That’s, probably, my favorite spot there.” 5.Jill Scott: “My favorite restaurant is Buddakan in Philadelphia and in New York. Oh, forget it! Nobu in Malibu.”

At the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame press room: 6. Phil Collins: “My favorite restaurant? Why, have you got plans?! No, the local Indian in Switzerland, where I live. See you there!” 7. Graham Nash: “My favorite restaurant? My wife’s kitchen! [In New York,] Mr. Chow’s.” 8. Chris Isaak: “I never hung out in bars, in my life. I don’t think I’ve ever bought a drink. I don’t drink, and I play in nightclubs all the time, so for me, to go to like, a club or a bar, would be like you on your day off going to the office. My favorite place to hang out – I go to the beach. Any time off I have, I go out to the beach, Ocean Beach, San Francisco. I’m a surf guy. Bill’s hamburgers [Bill’s Place] is about three blocks from my house, and it’s a really good hamburger in San Francisco.” 9. Anni-Frid Lyngstad (Frida) of Abba: “Viva Viva, in London.” 10. Carole King: “I live in rural Idaho, so not a lot of restaurants– there are some, but not a lot.”

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