Week in Divas: Natasha Richardson’s Organs, Beyoncé Goes Nintendo

imageThis week, we learned that no one can out-diva New York City herself, try hard as they might. And that when NYC has no qualms about strapping on her sharpest pair of high heels and kicking your ass, even her guardian has little choice but to shyly step aside. More sobering is how she’s even helped manage to humble once-wealthy wannabes, driving them to ask for alms. But because that’s too real and because the President told us last night that this reality looks poised to settle in for a good while longer, let’s instead preoccupy ourselves with more obliviously pleasant thoughts — the likes of which helped us get through the first miserable eight years of this century. Pleasant thoughts like hand-held video games, leather, and Grace Jones.

● Proving that there is in fact tangible life after death, the late but everlasting Natasha Richardson’s organs have been donated to waiting transplant patients. [ShowbizSpy]

● And proving that there’s life after the Oscars, Freida Pinto, most recently snatched up by Woody Allen, has secured a role in Julian Schnabel’s next flick. [ Press Association]

Lily Allen archnemesis Cheryl Cole and the rest of the Girls Aloud are demonstrating maturity accrued through seven years of girlbandery by squeezing into garish rubber outfits. [Daily Mail]

● Guys, Lindsay Lohan would kindly like it if you stopped talking about her. Also she crashed her car. Again. [New York Daily News]

● Oxygen — the cable network that gave Janice Dickinson her own reality series where she perpetually appears in soft-focus — polled a number of women, age 18-34, and found that only 25% of them would rather win America’s Next Top Model than the Nobel Peace Prize. [Jezebel]

● Busying himself with cleaning up Paula Abdul’s spittle or perhaps a frantic round of manscaping, Simon Cowell found himself too busy to take an audience with Barack Obama, who seemed genuinely interested in appearing on American Idol. [Sify]

● Joining Bat For Lashes, the Pet Shop Boys, and Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, glam-soul crooner Grace Jones will be taking the stage at this summer’s Latitude Festival in the UK. [Yahoo]

● Sacrilege! The Daily Mail contends that Darwinist poster girl Jade Goody may be a heroine in the same league as Princess Diana. Except for that not-being-born-into-royalty junk. [The Daily Mail]

● Having left her mark on everything from more-talented younger sisters to ubiquitous L’Oreal endorsements, Beyoncé now hungrily eyes a new subset of fans: gaming geeks. Probably contemplating on a Street Fighter II-style video game that incorporates every Destiny’s Child to date, she will wedge her way into the world of video games, one Nintendo DS at a time. [Kotaku]

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