Warner Bros. Wants Spielberg to Direct New Moses Movie

Rumors are adrift that Warner Bros. is asking Steven Spielberg to direct a movie about the life of Moses. Deadline reports that the studio is “courting” the E.T. director to helm Gods and Kings, a Biblical super-epic that follows Moses’ life from river-floating babe to sea-parting holy man. Spielberg and Warner Bros. haven’t even had a meeting yet, but everyone is getting twitterpated about the possibility a movie that would be enormous in every sense of the word. Happy Rosh Hashanah!

Michael Green and Stuart Hazeldine wrote the script and it has all the makings of a Spielberg flick. Child with a complex relationship with adults? Check. Characters battling nature? Forty years in the desert, boom. Giant man-eating shark? Why not, I’m sure they can throw one in there. Hazeldine has experience writing screenplays with Biblical themes; he penned the upcoming adaptation of John Milton’s Paradise Lost as well as Green Lantern, where Ryan Reynolds played the fabled Green Lantern, son of Abraham in the Book of Leviticus. The studio has already made it clear that this won’t be a remake of the Charlton Heston classic The Ten Commandments. It’d be nice to say, “This isn’t your grandfather’s Moses,” but given the script’s reported faithfulness to the Old Testament, this is, in fact, your grandfather’s Moses. Warner Bros. is also developing a movie based on the story of Judah Maccabee, the Jewish warrior who fought off the Greek empire. Mel Gibson has the first option to direct, and given Gibson’s bigoted complicated attitude about Judaism, that film has caused quite a stir already. Our guess is that the sheer controversy will probably make it profitable. Combine that with the possibility of a Spielberg / Moses epic, and Warner Bros. will be partying like it’s 1999 B.C.

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