The Viper Room


8852 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood CA90069
(310) 358-1881

If you’re a rock fan in L.A., a trip to The Viper Room on Sunset is a no-brainer, and an excellent choice for a group outing. Check the calendar and pick out a favorite local band, or roll the dice on someone entirely new. This room attracts tons of talented musicians, many fresh off the bus and ready to make their mark on the Hollywood scene. Rally the troops and march onto the Strip for a memorable night in an intimate space. Flaunt your style by dressing hip, but stay comfortable so you can groove all night long. It’s important to look good—you never know who you’re going to meet in an old haunt like this. Maybe it’s the amazing acoustics, maybe it’s the prime location, or maybe it’s the spirit of one-time owner Johnny Depp, but this joint has been packing them in ever since Tom Petty rocked opening night in 1993. Parking can be tough, so share a cab or take advantage of a rideshare service like Lyft or Uber. Show your friends what it feels like to be a VIP by planning ahead and reserving a booth in the upstairs room. Order a round and make a toast of gratitude to the rock gods. When the band kicks in, jump out of your seat and hop around the dance floor until your legs give. It’s easy to let loose with friends when you’re rockin’ with a classic.

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Photograph by Kristin_a

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