Video: ‘Gossip Girl’ Taylor Momsen Rocks Out

imageSPOTTED: Jenny Humphrey/Little J/Dan’s sister (Taylor Momsen) of Gossip Girl fame, kicking ass, taking names, and generally rocking out at The Annex last night. Momsen’s band is called The Pretty Reckless; they’re going on tour with The Veronicas in June. And according to former Huffington Post writer Rachel Sklar, they were pretty decent. Video after the jump.

Sklar says:

A pretty promising mixture of Debbie Harry/Courtney Love/Kim Carnes/Alannah Myles/Hedwig — and killer boots. Needs to rock out a bit more (as opposed to trying to rock out — a little self-conscious in places) but pretty good. Also did I mention the boots?

As you can tell from above, Sklar got video of the shindig. More photos and videos on Sklar’s site here. As for Ms. Momsen’s rockstar aspirations, we kindly approve — how can you not? It’s like My First Band or something. This is the shit pop culture gold is made of. Oh, and pervy pervs: she’s 16. Don’t even think it. Flamboyantly yours, XOXO, etc.

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