Veronica Peoples Club Opens in Greenpoint

Winona Ryder is coming to Greenpoint—sort of. The hip East Village bar Heathers (named after Ryder’s memorable late-eighties teen flick) opened an outpost in Greenpoint this past weekend, aptly called Veronica Peoples Club. Fans of the movie know Veronica was Winona Ryder’s croquet-playing, suicide-faking character, but why call it the Peoples Club? “It’s a great description of what we do, an egalitarian ‘everybody bar,'” says owner Heather Millstone, who is completely anti-label (the bar will be a mix of gay, straight, old, hipster, has-beens, what-have-yous). Judging from her East Village bar, expect a very cool neighborhood crowd with trendy DJs and a no-frills environment.

Not only will Veronica Peoples Club function as a new watering hole for the local musicians and hipsters that live in and around historic Franklin Street, but it will also serve a daytime purpose. The new establishment will sell coffee and pastries by the baking company Ovenly. Add homemade tamales, and expect a cast of amateur chefs to join the fun, curating early dinners for “Sunday Supper, dinner with friends and music without the formal atmosphere of a restaurant.”

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