Vegas Club Girl: “I Was Groomed on Cocaine”

Yesterday, an anonymous former VIP nightclub waitress in Las Vegas sued her former employers, the Light Group, for creating a workplace environment fueled by sex, booze, cash, and blow. The allegations are serious if unsurprising; Jane Doe worked at Jet and Bare while in the Light Group’s alleged clutches. While employed there, she was strongly encouraged/ordered to overindulge in alcohol, “ingest” cocaine, and bang the whales who frequent the VIP sections.

The allegations about various managers and owners fondling, propositioning, ridiculing, and prostituting their nubile employees are so rotely typical of these situations as to seem almost mundane. That does not make them any less reprehensible if true, of course — particularly the euphemistically described “marketing program” where “company girls” earned rights to the richest tables and timeslots by having sex with selected patrons. But yes, apparently there was also lots and lots of cocaine, used in classic pimp fashion to both indoctrinate the girls as well as keep them skinny. Jane Doe’s ended up ODing, and she spent a good bit of time in rehab as a result. Though her complaint is relatively short on evidence, the general consensus is that the particular lawyers representing her are not known for losing bets. So if this actually goes to trial, could be some lurid details in the offing.

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