Vancouver is Learning a Party Without Snow is No Party at All

I’m sure this has happened to you, too: You’re setting up for a epic party, the kind that only comes around every few years, and everything is perfect. You even got a new tattoo because you wanted to make sure your party was going to be extra sweet. And then you realize you forgot the snow! The whole party is ruined, any chance of having fun eliminated.

(‘DiggThis’)Now you know what it’s like to be Vancouver right now. With the winter Olympics starting in just a few weeks, Vancouver has a serious lack of snow problem. But before you get that new tatt lasered off, Vancouver, remember that there is hope yet, especially if you have access to a helicopter. A few trips back and forth between Colombia or, for example, northern Canada and you’ll have enough snow to make your most ridiculous party fantasies come true — yes, even the Biathalon. (Whoever decided that Nordic skiers also needed to carry guns is the real champion of the Winter Olympics).

But listen, Vancouver, win trying to resolve this snow situation, don’t go overboard. You don’t want to turn out like Nagano, do you?

In 1998, Nagano, Japan, became the lowest-latitude site of the Winter Games, and there was grave concern about snow in the months prior. In the end, though, there was too much snow, and some ski competitions had to be postponed and later crammed together to finish them in time for the closing ceremony.

You see a little snow goes a long way. As in all things, moderation.

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