United Loses Guitar Guy’s Bags

This guy either has the worst luck in the world, or he’s part of an elaborate scheme to continue making hit videos. David Carroll, of the popular United Breaks Guitars YouTube video series — wherein he sings, polka-style, about United Airlines breaking his $3,000 guitar –has gotten the short end of the stick once again, this time with United losing his luggage. Carroll was on his way to Denver to give a speech about customer service when his luggage was lost. Quite a coincidence.

Why doesn’t this guy just fly another airline? Well, it seems that United is best option. “The only direct flight to Denver was with United. So I flew United and my bag got lost,” he said. To make matters worse, the guys at the luggage carousel were conflicted in telling Carroll how to proceed. First they said to stick around and wait for his bag, and that it was only delayed, and then they told him to fill out a claim and leave, because his bags were instead actually lost. He finally got his bags back two days later. You can bet that this little incident will make the cut on his third and allegedly final video, which is set to release imminently. Good luck with that, United.

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