United Airlines Cutting Back on Customer Service

imageUnited Airlines is pulling the plug on their customer service call center in India, effectively cutting off all hope of actually talking to someone on the phone when you’ve got beef with UA. The service center will be shuttered as of April, and UA is already working to erase all traces of the phone number from their site and all company publications. The way they’re spinning this move?

“We did a lot of research, we looked into it, and people who e-mail or write us are more satisfied with our responses.” Shutting down all human contact is going to increase customer satisfaction? That makes perfect sense to me. No fear though — I’ve found a small loophole in this incommunicado situation. If you really want to berate someone, you can still call their reservations call centers, as they’re planning to cross-train these folks to respond to the customer service emails in addition to booking flights. So in theory, they should be able to help you. In theory.

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