Travel Dispatch: Arriving at Cannes

The Cannes Film Festival is home to the world’s best cinema, but also the epitome of French Riviera glamour. I’ve only been here for an hour, and I already feel the presence of movie stars roaming about. And since everyone is dressed to the nines, it takes real skill to spot the celebs amongst the sea of chic civilians. But no one’s dressed better than Cannes itself.

Although I’d be just as well couch-surfing anywhere in this visually stunning city, I happen to be staying at the picturesque Carlton Cannes, which has been temporarily dubbed “Chez Jacques” by Stella Artois. I flew out with the beloved beer brand to celebrate their third year sponsoring the fest, and to catch the premiere of their short film King of Cannes.The film follows the life of Stella’s fictitious movie star, named Jacques D’Azur. And instead of having a known actor play the part, they conducted a global casting call to find their star.

I’m just getting settled in and already have to run to the first of many insane events, including a red carpet premiere tonight. Now if only Rachel McAdams would let me borrow that damn Marchesa gown.

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