Tonight: Unleash Your Inner Feasting Beast At Isola Trattoria’s New “Family Meal”

Did you grow up with that Sunday family feast? Are you Italian? Did you sit through weekly screaming matches about the significance of ricotta cheese and marble entryways? Starting tonight and every Tuesday at Isola Trattoria in the Mondrian Soho hotel, you’ll be able to revisit these magical family moments in their chandelier-filled space with their new "Family Meal:" a weekly table-full of $12 rigatoni bolognese and Margherita, truffle artichoke-topped pizza, $30 carafes of wine from the village of Puglia in Italy, and $15 pitchers of Peroni. 

Bring your family, don’t bring your family. Whichever is the case, get ready to unleash your inner feasting beast at the 9pm start time. 

But do keep the screaming matches down – people are sleeping upstairs. 

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