Tomorrow Is National Margarita Day! NYC’s Cheapest Drinks

Tomorrow is National Margarita Day! And in honor of the holiday, it’s time to not only watch a puppet named Professor Hans Von talk about alcohol, but also to change your Friday night plans, and take time to down that inaugural, semi-obligatory tequila-teeming Mexican cocktail. But where? And for how much? And what flavor? You are in good hands. Check out these places for the most reasonable, delicious, and potent drinks.

San Loco:This Mexican chain sells $6 frozen lime margaritas and $26 pitchers, and $6.50 frozen fruit margaritas (strawberry, cactus pear, pink guava, mango) for $28 pitchers. Open until 5am, so drink and stay a while.

Blockheads: Of course. $4 margaritas. Get the job done. Pick up the pink lemonade Mexican bulldog (a margarita filled with a Corona) for added potency.

Benny’s Burritos: Same story at this West Village spot owned by the Blockheads team. Cheap, slushy margaritas, and very convivial bar scene. Aka you’ll meet someone.

Barrio Chino: This Lower East Side sexy Mexican spot is known for three things: their grapefruit margarita, lime-jalapeno margarita, and a very long wait. Leave work early, and take a seat.

Dallas BBQ:Texas-sized, $7.99 frozen margaritas are at this BBQ chain, and they’re notoriously huge. Even the “regular” is larger than the basket of cornbread. Good luck.

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