Tiny Japanese-Style Capsule Hotels Arrive in China

They say capsule, I say “captured.” Also: “coffin,” “crazy,” and “claustrophobic.” But China thinks otherwise, as the country introduced its first capsule hotel this past weekend, banking on the popularity of minuscule hotel rooms to reach the same height of popularity as they have Japan, the country that originally redefined efficiency living. What exactly is a capsule hotel? Think a panicked Uma Thurman in Kill BIll, six feet under.

The first capsule hotel in Shanghai makes “budget” look free, and at about 88 Yuan (ten bucks) per 24 hours, it practically is. Each of the 68 cabinet-sized rooms imported from Japan include a power point, clock, light, TV, and wireless internet. There’s no panic button. In fact, the hotel hasn’t even opened to guests yet, as it hasn’t passed fire safety code. Also, police inspected the hotel and were concerned that it may present an easy target for thieves and burglars. That’s right. There’s no lock to your “room,” only a curtain. Probably best to just check into the Langham.

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