This Weekend’s Whisky: Peach Mist

I often defend those who are considered snobs because some things simply are better than others, and the so-called snobs are telling the truth about it, even though their approach may be lacking in tact. With this in mind, I’ll remind readers that yes, I know that expensive whisky is almost always better than the cheaper stuff because of the time, effort, and ingredients involved. Talisker 30-Year-Old Scotch, for example, is simply sublime–among the best I’ve had–but it costs $350. What if you don’t want to spend $350 on a bottle of whisky, or even $35? Can you get a decent bottle of whisky for, say, ten bucks? Well, I tried one last night that I enjoyed, and I didn’t know the price while I was drinking it, assuming it was in the $25 ballpark. Nope, the new Peach Mist, from the makers of Canadian Mist, is smooth, balanced, and just sweet enough, and it only costs $10 a bottle, an excellent value. 

Peach Mist is among a trio of new flavored whiskys from Canadian Mist, which also includes Cinnamon Mist and Maple Mist, and honestly, I didn’t expect to like it very much. I appreciate the taste of whiskey on its own, and many flavored spirits tend to be too sweet and artificial-tasting for me. But I poured myself a small tumbler of it and added three ice cubes and was impressed from the start.

The medium-sweet peach flavor melded nicely with the austerity of the whiskey, creating a balanced drink perfect for sipping. But the best part is that it tastes like real peaches are involved, not some chemical-tinged peach flavor created in a laboratory, and not the cloyingly sweet taste of school cafeteria-style canned peaches in heavy syrup. No, I tasted peaches fresh from the green market, light, flavorful, refreshing, and almost fibrous in texture. The real deal. You could infuse your own peach whisky I suppose, but that sounds like a sticky proposition. Much easier to let the Canadians do the work for you. Ten bucks.  

Peach Mist is perfectly nice on its own, but it seems designed to be used in cocktails, like the Peach Tea-Ser (I know, they made up the name, not me). It’s a mix of Peach Mist and sweet tea, and probably tastes like spiked peach tea. I reckon you could use Arizona Iced Tea or Snapple, and if you poured it in a pretty glass and serve it with panache, people would think you spent a lot more on your cocktail ingredients than you actually did. 

So if you only have ten bucks to spend on a bottle of whisky, and you’d like something versatile enough to drink straight or mix into cocktails, Peach Mist is a good bet. I’m thinking of mixing up a big cooler of Peach Tea-Ser and taking it to the park this weekend. But I’ll probably think up a better name for it first. 

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