Think Up Funny Band Names With Comedian Eric Andre

If you’re like me, you think up funny names for bands all the time. I usually come up with them when I’m on the subway, so when a rapper named "Earlier Incident" drops his first mixtape, you can thank me. But some people are far more obsessed with making up band names than I am, and better at it to boot. One of those people is actor, comedian, and talk show host (and my one-time drinking buddy) Eric Andre. Andre just launched a website called which has a list of hundreds of great band names. They’re wildly different yet uniformly hilarious, and if they already exist as bands in Williamsburg or Silver Lake or wherever, I’m sure Andre arrived at the name independently. A few standouts:

Bigot Sudoku

The Rolling Hills of Chipotle

Ken Griffey Jr. Western Bacon Cheeseburger

Vice Magazine is LITERALLY, Not Ironically, Racist

Aryan Soft Porn

Zach Braff’s Blog

and my favorite …

Hoda Kotb

Think up your own fake band names and tweet them @ericandre. If accompanied by some misspelled abuse, he might even retweet you. And if you think his band names are funny, you’ll love his twisted talk show, The Eric Andre Show on Adult Swim, and you can also see him on ABC’s Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23. (He says Bitch, not B, so I will too.) If you’re in LA, you can catch his stand-up act at clubs all over town. 

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