Theme Park Junkie Contest Raises Publicity Stunt Stakes

imageCalling it: three times = trend. That would be the ploy of running a contest in search of some lucky SOB who’ll get to partake in a super-fun gig in exchange for a good chunk of change and a larger hunk of publicity for the contest sponsor. Ben Southall is reporting for work as of July 1, after beating out 35,000 applicants to score the sweet gig in Hamilton Island, Australia, where he gets paid six figures to snorkel and blog about it for the remainder of 2009. Over in Sonoma County, CA, the Murphy Goode winery is wrapping up their search for the “Murphy-Goode Wine Country Lifestyle Correspondent. The winner in this case will get paid $10,000 a month to drink wine, scout picnic locations, and of course, blog all about it to all the jealous armchair travelers. Applications are due June 19. Adding to the fray, Orlando is launching a contest to find a couple (a new twist!) who can take 67 days (why 67? I don’t know) to ride every ride in the half-dozen theme parks in the Orlando area, including Disney World, Sea World, and Universal Studios.

The lucky couple will also be hang gliding, sky diving, visiting spas, and generally touting all there is to do in Orlando. In return for all the blogging, tweeting, and Facebooking that the winners will do, the grand prize includes a condo in downtown Orlando for the duration of the 67 days, plus a check for $25,000. The application process includes a one-minute video and photos, as well as a short application form. In terms of who the couple can be, they’re going Amazing Race style, meaning you can apply with a friend, family member, or lover. Oh, and just FYI, they’re calling this contest “67 Days of Smiles,” so you might want to rock some Crest White Stripes before you make your video.

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