The Victims: Chris Brown’s Bodyguard in Hospital, Chris Brown’s Car Bloodied [VIDEO]

Yesterday the Egyptian Military Council abruptly dissolved the democratically elected Parliament. But who cares? Did you know Chris Brown and Drake got into a brawl? They did. And just now pictures are emerging of the other casualties. They include Chris Brown’s bodyguard, Big Pat, who, as reported in Prefix Mag, who is laid up with a pretty gnarly head wound. [See the picture above.] 

And here’s the video, if your proclivity is towards going "Ooooh!" and "Aahhh!"  There are some pretty low blows here and it’s clear how Big Pat got hurt.


Also damaged is the fender of Chris Brown’s ridiculous Transformers car which he bled all over. [See picture below.] What’s not clear is which part is more ridiculous: the car itself, the fact that he bled on it, or that he Tweeted the image. What kind of pity does he expect to garner? If anything, I just feel bad for Big Pat, who was just doing his job when he got smacked with a bottle up in the head. Let’s hope Chris Brown pays his health insurance!



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