The Summer’s Must-Have Droid Apps: PopEater, NY Art Beat, Easy Tie

PopEater [Free] Whether it’s LiLo’s latest exploit or the newest covert snaps of stars in St. Barths, PopEater can deliver the scoop first. With the gossip-hungry website’s app for your Droid, get the best in celebrity and entertainment headlines on demand—before it all becomes so five minutes ago. Dive straight into the day’s hottest videos and read exclusive interviews, so you’ll never be out of the loop. Getting an insider’s look at tabloid buffoonery just got a whole lot easier.

NY Art Beat [$1.99] Forget art for art’s sake: If you’re missing the best New York shows, you’re officially an aesthete non grata. With NY Art Beat, swill tepid white wine from a plastic cup while knowing you’re at the event of the week. If gallery hopping’s your game, consult maps that tell you exactly what’s within walking distance, and consult a list of what’s hot right now and what’s flying under the radar. Browse through over 600 exhibitions happening in New York at any given moment. Gavin Brown, here we come.

Easy Tie [$2.14] Men, it’s time to step it up a notch (or a Windsor knot). Even if you work at a Scandinavian design collective, knowing how to properly wear a tie is still a modern sartorial essential. Now there’s an app with simple step-by-step instructions detailing the ins and outs of 15 dapper knots. Get detailed descriptions and user-friendly images to guide you through the process (clip-ons emphatically unwelcome). With everything from bowties to the Balthus Knot on file, tie one on before you tie one on.

Decorate Like a Celebrity [$1.38] Remember watching MTV Cribs and drooling from your ratty couch over some star’s fireplace-adorned bathroom? Now you can make your own home look just as chic—or gaudy—and for a hell of a lot less. Using Decorate Like a Celebrity, browse the dos and don’ts of interior design, cultivate great ideas, and learn how to decorate on a budget slightly smaller than that of an LA Lakers point guard. Choose from a variety of styles, including “Shabby Chic,” “Paris Apartment,” and “Tropical Chic.” Home is where you paint a swamp-themed accent wall, after all.

Wikitude World Browser [Free] From the rim of the Grand Canyon to the New Museum on the Bowery, augment the world around you with Wikitude. Using the camera on your phone, peer at your surroundings while the app overlays the camera’s display with geo-referenced interactive content and information. Find events, tweets, restaurants, and user reviews of your ever-interactive world by holding your phone up as you walk down the street.

Ethereal Dialpad [Free] Ethereal Dialpad takes a radically different approach to music-making by emulating a synthesizer. Choose between four dialpads, each featuring cool graphics and colors, or select the option that overlays notes and color codes to create what looks like a really pleasant acid trip. Control the pitch by moving your fingers across the pad as you compose everything from soothing ambient sounds to electrifying music fit for a night at the Roxbury. Once you get a feel for the app, add more dialpads to create a denser sound. Marching to the beat of your own drum never looked so good.

Savingstar Grocery eCoupons [Free] Paging TLC’s Extreme Couponing: Save a ton of money on necessities without the hassle of collecting flyer clippings. With SavingStar, use paperless eCoupons redeemable at over 24,000 supermarkets and drugstores across the country. Just select an eCoupon and the app will link it to your registered store loyalty cards. Your tab won’t shrink at the checkout counter, but money is automatically added to your StarSavings account, and once you’ve earned $5, you can collect your payout or, if you’re feeling benevolent, put that money toward a sponsored charity.

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