The Stock Market is Soaring. Here’s Where to Pick Up a Banker

Have you heard the wonderful news? Wall Street is back, having just reached another record high. Oh, what a glorious day this is. What, you mean you’re not feeling the trickle down effect from all that money changing hands? Then you’re not working hard enough. No, I don’t mean working at your job, you know that won’t get you anywhere. You’re not working hard enough to find a Wall Street sugar daddy or sugar mama to take care of you. But we’re here to help you, Mr./Ms. 99%. Here’s a list of places where New York’s richest, horniest bankers will be buying rounds and looking for, well, let’s call it "love" tonight. Wear something sexy, learn to appreciate armagnac (the fanciest ‘gnac of them all), and you’ll be between high-threadcount sheets before you can say "too big to fail." Click here to see our latest Top List: Top NYC Spots to Hook Up With Rich Wall Streeters

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