The Standard London Hotel Will Open in King’s Cross This Spring


When the Standard Hollywood hotel opened in 1999 (has it really been two decades?), it took little time for it to reset the paradigm of the hotel-as-nightlife-destination. Downtown LA, the High Line and East Village in NYC, plus (naturally) Miami Beach followed – all kicking up the same level of energy and fabulosity.

In the hallowed hospitality geographical quintet, only Paris and London were left to conquer. And this spring, the latter will be very much accomplished. Indeed, somewhere on the cusp of the old punk stronghold of Camden and the newly tidied up King’s Cross, a new Standard London will suddenly be looming majestically over Argyle Street.


St Pancras Station 


Eschewing the cozy charms of other cognoscenti faves in the capital like Dean Street Townhouse and Chiltern Firehouse, the new Standard will flaunt 266 Shawn Hausman designed rooms, some with terraces. Cheeky bonus? Windows in your loo may afford a breath-stopping view to the grandiloquent, Hogwarts-ish St Pancras railway station across the way.

The restaurants haven’t yet been named, but will be lorded over by Adam Rawson, of Marylebone’s chic Pachamama, and Bristol wunderkind Peter Sanchez-Iglesias. It’s a Standard, so also expect the rooftop to be a monu-mental scene – especially as the English summer takes hold.


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