The Stag-at Guide: The Ginger Man

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If you have your wits about you and aren’t “a single woman in NYC trying desperately to get laid” you’ll probably turn right back around once you open the doors to Ginger Man. Yes, there’s something promising about walking into a room full of “a bunch of dudes kicked back, just trying to take the edge off,” one “small-batch organic pint at time,” up until it becomes painfully “reminiscent of walking in on your little brother’s slumber party in the family den.” You just know that as soon as you leave they’ll all be high fiving that they “totally saw some nip, dude.” Short of that, this crowd is happy to ignore you and spend some “serious QT with a pretzel, an iphone, a buddy and some cask-conditioned IPA.” Whatever that is.

Comfort level for a single lady(1-30): 5 Drinks purchased for a single lady: 0 Male to female ratio: 54:9 and that’s including two chicks working there Single to couple ratio: 1:.00002 Overheard: “Panama” by Van Halen as soon as you walk in. Chances of returning (1-30): 0 or 30, if you bring your own team. The beer was really good. Previously in the Stag-at Guide: Schiller’s, The Lobby Bar at The Ace Hotel